My name is Don Bonnenfant, I am a Consultant/Entrepreneur/Owner of DKL Consulting living here on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada who loves sharing knowledge and helping others on the topic of Computer Software/Programs training.

I am that passionate person who will go the extra mile and over-deliver. I believe in giving that extra 10% which usually is the part the gives you that moment of clarity to understand your subject.

My words of wisdom:

“I believe that knowledge is power. Everyone should improve themselves and/or business, no matter what stage in life they’re in. Whether it’s to develop a better mindset or to increase profits. Moving forward is key.”

Who are we?

Just a little about me and DKL as I think about it, it is hard to believe that I got started in the computer field, a way back in 1994. In the olden days we used a thing called a modem over phone lines to connect with others. Boy have we come a long way in 24 years. We had to wait hours for a file to download whereas today you can download a complete movie in minutes.

While I was in college learning computer systems, the skill and knowledge of the professors at the time was, let’s say, a little lacking! Having been around computers both using and building for over 2 years at that time, I saw the need to help students better understand what was being taught. It was then that I started my own company, DKL Consulting where I did training in software/hardware setup and user training. As time when on I expanded the company into helping companies with training their employees to use this new technology and consulting on “What software programs were best suited for their company and the instillation of same.”

In 2013 I became very ill with the rapid progression of my  Post-Polio Syndrome which had started in 1995. This has caused me to retire from the everyday grind to the point where today I am mainly confined to bed, but the drive to help and teach is still very strong.

Today I have started to put all my training online. You will find training videos on software and programs you may want to purchase for yourself or your company to use.

The website will be added to every day. If there is training you need or just thinking about, just drop me an email at don@donbonnenfant.com, I will be more than glad to help you out


Don Bonnenfant
DKL Consulting